Delta Robot LCD Console
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  • Quick Information
  • The firepick-delta-console is a display which is used to give the user useful information about their FirePICK delta machine.


    * IP Address Status * Time/date information


    * Interface with FireREST software to display job completeness status bar * Display other useful system info * Add buttons to allow the user to scroll through informational the different screens.

  • Instillation
  • Requirements

    * python-pip (for python 2.7) * python 2.7 * python-setuptools * pip package rpi.gpio

    Automatic/Scripted Instillation

    The script was written for a debian-based system, specifically the Raspberry Pi Rev. B running Raspberrian/FireREST. If you are using different software, please fork the repo and revise the script :). * run the bash installer script

    Manual Instillation

    1. Install the following dependancies manually: * Python 2.7 * Python Setup Tools * rpi.gpio python package 2. Optional Dependancies: * Pip for Python 2.7 (for installing the rpi.gpio package)